Earlier this week afriend of mine uploaded an Instagram story about an online photography contest,the theme was "Restrictions/Freedom".

 My first thought was to send some photos Itook at the Vellore Fort, as it astounded me how the same place in its heydaywould have imprisoned so many, yet numerous others must have had a sense offreedom and security when protected by the same walls.


However, now that Ithink to myself while writing this blog post, I feel I could have sent somephotos I took inside our own campus! Why, isn't VIT the perfect example of aconstant barrage of restrictions enforced by the authorities and our perpetualwant for freedom?

Then again, justlike the fort, don’t we have a lot of freedom that we wouldn’t have had withoutthose restrictions? For instance, my immediate neighbors in the hostel are fourfinal year students, yet I as a second year student have never had to worry aboutor fear being ragged or harassed in any way, all of us in fact are like normalfriends and I can talk uninhibited. This isn't the case in most other colleges.

I've heard peoplecomplaining about not being able to indulge in different vices in the hostelsmainly due to the presence of several cameras, I say, at least I can leave myroom unlocked when I pop over to the restroom or need to fill some water, atleast I don’t have to be afraid of someone stealing the clothes drying rightoutside my room while I'm away or asleep.

Not all restrictionsare bad dear readers, a lot of them are meant to protect us. I think we allneed to look at the bright side and enjoy the small freedoms we get to enjoybecause of those restrictions.