Large oak shelves dominated two of the four walls in the room, towering from the floor to the ceiling. Each of them lined with books ranging from childish manga to history of communism in China. The room was well lit owing to windows present in the walls opposite to the shelves. A deeply stained walnut desk right below a window provided the perfect escape from reality into one of the hundreds of books placed strategically within reach. A soft, comfortable chair provided the sitter with the perfect rest for hours of reading at a time. A large lamp on the desk allowed one to read from dawn to dusk, and then more. However, the windows were lined with heavy, deep red colored drapes, the light-blue painted walls were covered with large, ugly posters of monsters and semi-naked women, a dual-monitor desktop system took up most of the desk, and the books were sitting neglected.
This is the state of affairs of the room of one Syldane Turner, who inherited the picture-perfect room from his father, who had gone abroad for his work for a few years. Ironically, most of the books in the room were his, when his father, seeing the sheer number of books overflowing from his room, offered his roomy shelves to house some of them. Syldane, or Syl as he preferred to be called, used to be an avid reader up until the point when he discovered the marvelous invention of the machine we commoners call the computer. A few years ago, his father received a new laptop PC from his company, one which was decades ahead in technology as compared to his previous, snail-pace piece. In truth, Syl’s parents purposefully never replaced the old box as they were afraid that he might leave the world to stay in the nurturing arms of the life-sucking gadget, and rightly so, as future events proved. But, as always, technology refused to stay put and their trusty dust-collector was too old to keep up with Mr. Turner’s work, and he was forced to get a new one.
The day the sleek new machine arrived was the day Syl first experienced the joy of online gaming. The intense rollercoaster of a journey started when he first logged on to a particularly well-travelled website, and tried one of their more popular games. From the first press of the mouse, he was hooked. He used to wait anxiously everyday for his father to return home, and he played the game all night long, while his parents slept. It was after months of intense begging and grovelling that his parents allowed him to buy a rudimentary desktop, with the promise of good grades in school. With the promise kept, and more of them made and delivered, he soon managed to upgrade his fourth-rate machine into one which rightfully invoked envy from whoever happened to glance at it. Surprisingly, Syl still managed to get decent enough grades to escape his parents’ scrutiny, and prevented the subsequent loss of his beloved if he didn’t.
Now, his was a monster of a machine, capable of doing the most processor-heavy tasks with ease, play the most graphic-intense games without any lag or any FPS loss, coupled with a custom-designed cooling system which prevented the components from frying, as that could hinder his gaming. His was the most powerful computer anybody could own without selling a kidney or any other body part. He built the beast himself, collecting each component after making another promise for good grades, and putting them together one-by-one.
It is due to that addiction and dedication that the books were in the corner collecting dust…