It wasn't meant to be

There is one person above all others in your life with whom you feel  connected more than anything .The reason why they are above all others is beacause you are in an intimate realationship with them. Nobody else occupies that space -not friends,family .When you love someone ,you think they will always be there for you thats's until you realise it was  a lie.

What if that person leaves you?

How will you feel after breakup? 


Well it feels like locking yourself in the bathroom and crying.
It feels like a needle is being driven into your chest ,arresting your heart and breath .You will feel heavy.It feels like your heart is literally breaking apart and you feel so lonely and empty.You have no desire to eat,no desire to go out,talk with friends ,all you want to do is listen to sad  music and  cry ,sleep and cry some more inside your blanket.Each day it feels like it is a struggle to just wake up and breathe .It feels like you are dying every single second of the day.You don't want to do anything even if you wanted to .If you do,it all ends up like shit because your mind and heart is elsewhere.Your mind and body are too exhausted to do any work and to handle this breakup.

You feel your soul is sobbing.Your dreams haunt you.Every second of the day you wish would just end so you can rest your suffering soul.You can't breathe .You want these thoughts to stop but you don't have the power to make it stop.It's like a feeling of drowning,water is slowly filling into your lungs ,you are trying to scream for help but not a sound comes out.
You remember the comfort of their arms .You remember the sound of their laugh.You remember  staring into their eyes .You remember those long night walk.You remember holding hands while walking and those untold emotions that can flow through that touch .

And then after days and months of crying you will feel it's time to reset and recharge yourself.Your heart will try to pull its broken self together to tell you it's for the best.
An important process of the healing is rebuliding and strengthening the sense of who you are,independent of the relationship.Remember a heart ache demands and requires the dignity of having felt the pain of it to be able to overcome it eventually.Overflowing tears can be stopped only by you.