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As I turned 20 on the 2nd of September this year, I realized that I just crossed my teen years and was entering a new phase in my life. Moreover, I sensed that I have reached the age where I have to be more mature, responsible and careful about the decisions I take. It’s quite fascinating as to how time flies so quickly and how things around me changed so quickly. The teen years are the most memorable years of one’s life and so has been the case with me. During this period I made countless memories which will be cherished throughout my life and made friends with people with whom I share a strong bond and the bond continues to grow over the years. These are the years when one can learn, grow and mold themselves into better human beings for life. This is also the time when children can turn rebellious and maybe take the wrong path in their life. Hence, people also call these years as the “the turning point” in one’s life .But this blog is not about the memories or the kind of friends I made during that period, rather it’s about the two lessons for success that I learnt from my teen years.

First, there is no success without failure. There were many instances in my teen years when I had to go through a lot of failure.These were times when I felt that there was no other way it to solve the problem and would be depressed about it. But I realized that there was no use crying over spilled milk and until and unless I took an action and rectified my mistake, things are not going to change. One might ask “So, did u get success then?”. My answer is “No, Rome was not built in a day”, you cannot expect to get immediate results as it is a progressive process, you will improve slowly and steadily, analyse your mistakes, work hard and make sure you don’t repeat it . That’s how you can get success by falling nine times and getting up ten times and never do anything to prove someone that “I have done what you told me I couldn’t “. Do it for yourselves instead, it will give you immense satisfaction and happiness.

Second and most importantly, it is important to have a plan for success. Preparing for an exam or an interview can be highly stressful, it is important to have an action plan made at least two or three months, weeks earlier. It will give you enough time to analyse your strengths and weaknesses, work on your lessons which you feel needs working or gather information about the interview you are appearing for, work on the technical aspects, make sure you have enough practice to gain an edge over your competitors.This is something which I have failed to do time and again till my 2nd year of engineering. I wait for things to happen and then make a plan. Till then it’s too late and I realize that if I had planned my actions earlier than I could have saved some time and maybe I could have come up with a better result than the one I get after planning within a short span. But better late than never, since the beginning of the 2nd year in VIT I am doing all my work with a plan and the results that I am getting is simply fantastic and hope to continue my good work for the remaining 2 years.

If you have read it till here, you might think “this guy had a very sad and boring teenage life” but I have my enjoyed my teenage years to the fullest and had a lot of fun. In fact I also enjoyed the struggles, conflicts that I went through and has made me a better and stronger  human being going forward in my life. People say that teenage years shape your life, wrong they say. In fact it is a precursor and experience for the struggles that life has in store for us.Lastly, I feel that you can get as much success you want in your life, but one should learn to be a good human being and have a good moral character, because if you don’t have a good character all the hard work done for success will be in vain. Finally, I would like to end my first blog by quoting Bruce Lee “Knowledge will give you power, but character respect”.