1920*1080 display? Done.
1050Ti graphics processor? What fun.
Stuck to it like fevi-quick
Glued to the screen for an easy fix.
Life is so boring, it’s close to hell
Being entertained hardly rings a bell
That’s why those fleeting moments are handy
When reality fades and turns into candy.

The monitor emits a benevolent glow
With wonders in it, for me, to show
From the highest mountains to the deepest seas
To paragraphs filled with Rs and Ts.
Its power truly shows its might 
With birds and airplanes in powerful flight
Seas and oceans in their robust roar
And birds and insects in their soar.

And the web. Filled with spiders and dark terrors
And nightmarish ghouls in all their horrors
But also brave knights of ages
Fairies and wise-old sages.
Tread carefully, for all is seen
Big Brother is all too keen
For if you lose your way and fall
you may have well given away your all.

But I don’t care as long as I’m happy
I’m even willing to endure things that nasty
For people don’t worry about these things
As they complain of bad songs and shiny bling.
Ignorance is bliss, they say
Look straight and don’t say nay
Keep your head down low
And let your laptop suck your life out slow.

Raghav Mehta