“Research is to see what everyone else has seen, and to think what no one else has thought.”

A saying by Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, which I find to be veryaccurate and something I completely believe in.

When I think of research, what comes first to my mind is that it’s the answer to new possibilities in any arena. It is an extremely powerful thing,because it plays a crucial role in new discoveries, especially for new treatments to upcoming diseases and better alternatives for patients. I guess that’s why most of us always picturise biotechnologists working in a lab, on hearing the word “research.” But that’s not the only case. Research is everywhere. It is an important aspect of each and every person’s life.

Research fills in the unknown gaps to which there is no answer to the question “Why?”

It is the basis for everything that we have today, for all the exiting subjects of this world, an everything that we will have in the future.

Without research, most of the modern day technologies would not exist. Research is not just an academic thing. It is the basic understanding of the way things are,how they happen and what is responsible for their occurrence. Ever wondered why almost every company has a R&D department, and why so much of the country’s budget is reserved for it? The answer to this is very easy and logical. More research, more development.

I strongly believe that research has grown and reached to such heights only because of unending human curiosity.


Using my own research and innovation, and applying it to create bio-products and improve industrial processes is what I’m interested in.I want to make an impactful contribution to the Bio-economy by developing sustainable,and feasible bio-products, especially from organic waste, and apply the concepts of Bio-remediation in this world of increasing pollution, demand and depleting resources.

I’ve always been inclined towards biological sciences and writing. It’s something I’m good at, and have been super sure of pursuing a career in, since ninth grade. I’ve always had this undying desire of building a legacy. Of being remembered because of my work. It’s what keeps me going, and pushing harder every minute of the day. Enjoying the beauty of core biotech subjects, grasping the super-efficient mechanisms and concepts, and performing experiments in Lab makes my day.

1536636094.jpgBack in this summer after my first year, I interned at Metropolis, Nashik, a multi-national pathology lab and diagnostic centre,wherein I trained under Dr. Manoj Patel. He introduced me to all the concept sand working of sophisticated machines used in the lab for diagnosis and analysis related to Haematology, Clinical pathology, Histopathology,Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Immunology. It was a very special experience as I got to interact with him on a daily basis, and observe the working of a very busy and important pathology lab.

I had a great time working on Bio-Plastics in my first year.I was once randomly flipping through an Industrial Biotechnology magazine inthe library in hope for some inspiration for my microbiology project, and that’s when I came across this article which said, ‘Bio-plastic from carbs?’Instantly, I found myself researching on the attempts made until now, and found various methods to generate it from. What I could not find was a comparative study focusing on their bio-degradability. So that’s what I did, along with a fellow classmate of mine. Looking at the different types of bio-plastic we created using corn-starch, banana peel, potato starch, and a mixture of starches, my guide and mentor, Dr. Suneetha V motivated me to go deep into it,and make a research manuscript. It is soon to be published in November 2018.

Research allows us to advance as a nation. New discoveries can help save the earth,animals, and people. It is necessary to solve problems that we encounter, and find reasonable solutions to those problems. Without research there would belittle advancement in our quality of life, which is what makes it so important.


I hope to make an impactful contribution to the society, although I’ve only started on this with some very trivial work. But I’m crazy enough to think that  I can.