The homo sapien has been a conqueror throughout the course of history. We for most of the time of our existence have conquered lands, crossed rivers, climbed trees and have done a lot of similar stuff just for this one primal instinct of ours, 'HUNTING'.


But, sadly this hunting lifestyle is no longer active in the modern world. Humans work in a society which has made them sedentary. This may sound comforting to most, but this has got more cons than pros.

We ourselves have created many new diseases from our so-called 'comforting' lifestyle. We don't care about our body. We keep on exploiting it till the time it signals us about the malfunctions in forms of diseases and pains and discomforts. Therefore, the name 'comforting lifestyle' is an irony in itself.


So, what we all need to do?

The solution to this problem has three major steps that need to be implemented with full faith in oneself and one's abilities.

1. Acceptance:

We need to accept the fact that our lifestyle is poor for our body to function properly. We need to accept that we have to make changes in our lifestyle for becoming the better version of ourselves.

No doubt, that this is the most difficult step but trust me, if you clearly accept the above while keeping your feet on the ground, half of the job is done.


 Training the mind is much more difficult than training the body and once you are done with this, you move on to the second step.

2. Planning:

Each individual is different and has different goals and different spheres to work on.

 As a starter, we all start at some stage and these stages are different. Maybe, let's suppose while starting this fitness journey with your friend, your friend can be in a much better stage than you or vice-versa.

This difference in the initial stage is responsible for different planning for different individuals. Planning broadly refers to setting long-term goals, which need to be realistic and making a plan in your lifestyle to achieve this goal of yours.


Once you are done with that also, you move on to the third and final step.

3. Execution:

Now here you require willpower. It does not matter whether you are Arnold Schwarzenegger or that kid who is bullied for his/her looks just because you look too thin or too fat, anyone would require some amount of willpower to execute the change in oneself.

Sticking to the plan you have made no matter what food cravings are you getting or how bad your legs hurt will make you strong not just physically but mentally also.

 There will be times when you will need some sort of motivation, so don't wait for it. Consult friends, family members and experts who have made changes in their lifestyles and the lifestyle of many others surrounding them.


So, these were the three basic steps that one should follow in order to make a change significant enough to be called a change.

By the way, did I tell you about the perks of being a fit person? There are a lot. You enhance your self-confidence, you are no longer concerned with your body image, you feel active all the time and challenges don't look like challenges anymore.

That is all for this blog, I will come up with a lot of other content on fitness, lifestyle, motivation, and fashion and till next time, keep moving ahead.