Just an ordinary human who always wants to fly like a bird,I wanted it too. Ever since Iron Man-1, there was this strong desire, or more alike a wish, in me that one day even I will fly like the Iron Man. A fullingworking suit with Jarvis installed in it, with a war combat feature. Ahaa… couldnot ask for anything more.

Just like Saitama, I prefer being a hero for fun. Still, Iam highly focused towards the flying part.

To look at the world from a completely differentperspective. Slicing through the clouds, mimicking the birds, flying higherthan an American bald eagle. Desire. Just another great thing any human possess.However, the magnitude with which you desire that decides the outcome.

Yeah, it really is expensive to build something like a realIron man suit. A lot fields have to be covered say aerodynamics, electrical,AI- Jarvis, Holograms, wearable technology and the list is never ending.

The suit-science, as I prefer to call it, is something soadvance and so expensive that it clearly matches with our military budgets.

Let us boil some of the major pieces of the frame ware:

1.      TheExo-Skeleton: It is one of the most important part of a full model IM suit.A lot of research has being going on in world top universities like UC Berkeley,trying to develop a real time Iron Man Suit. But they could only make a skeletonthat could with stand 200 pounds. But in the Case of Iron Man the threshold isway to high.

2.      The MiniArc-Reactor: Surely, no one wants to carry a highly hazardous nuclearmaterial with them. But to power up such a machine and to make it durable(surely you don’t want to run on low battery when in the stratosphere) we needthe help of such nukes.

3.       The jetpacks on either boots: The mainthing that gives you enough thrust for lifting your whole weight against theterrible gravity. We surely don’t need a rockets thrust but we need only whatis required to lift a man up and for a constant flight.

Of course, this needs a huge amount of money, we need manyinvestors, electrically sound folks, Mech-dudes, and aero-staff. Getting all ofthem together under one hood and years of commitment is the only way.

So now just read the title again.