MANIA: Obsessive Love.

Our story is all about the control. 
What were you willing to give up for me? 

They said love was supposed to set you free, that love would be the reason you’d wish to live forever.

She’d change herself and more to sustain the fleeting sparks I feel for her. Anything for you, says her heart that has always been mine. 
He must think I’m his marionette- his soft, sweet beloved playing into his arms . Just as he wished. Anything to control you , says my heart that was never anyone’s to start with.

I’m everything good in her life , she says. That she’d be nothing without me. That all-consuming inferno of feelings won’t hurt her as much as it will when our tryst is no longer.

But oh, sweetheart. My love isn’t the raging wildfires he dreams of. It’s the light touch of the ocean waves against the beach ; one slip and he will never get out again.

A team , a pair of individuals against the world is what we should be.
An addiction. She’s mine. I can’t stand the thought of losing her. She can’t live without me.
A game , dearest. That’s all he is to me. Every light touch , each stolen kiss carries the deception I know he’d never anticipate.

 I need her. 
I don’t need him.What a shame.

What are you willing to give up for me? 
When I wish to.