Almost all of us periodically sets ourselves a new goal or challenge — and just as often in the end fails to achieve them. We end up telling ourselves that we’re just not ready yet, that we’ll do it next week, next year. We might even pursue them with zeal at the start. But once we’ve made a small amount of effort, we’ll tell ourselves we’ve done enough, and it’s time to take this whole ‘starting a new life’ thing more slowly. Why does it always turn out like this? The answer’s fairly obvious: Because we try to achieve too much, too fast; because we get sick of the new responsibility; because it’s difficult to change old habits and try something new. As a result you get tired and bored real quick.
This process of going through laziness is so generic and obvious that everyone ,once in a while slips into it.The discipline i came across to remove laziness is kaizen. And initially it may seem unrealistic but it gave really impressive results.  The  method to overcome laziness takes less than a minute. The method is one minute principle. The practice was originated in japan and is something anyone can attempt.

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The word KAIZEN contains two roots KAI which means change and ZEN wisdom. My interpretation of the KAIZEN is that you shouldn't change your life spontaneously but slowly and wisely. The new habit or the task you have undertaken cannot be forced upon you . It is beneficial if it comes naturally and through life experiences. As mentioned kaizen is a concept of one minute principle for self improvement. At the heart of this method resides the mantra that you should do the task everyday at the same time just for a minute. No more.

It shouldn't be any trouble for absolutely anyone, right??

Even the laziest person can carry out a given task for such a small amount of time. We usually find an excuse for not doing something when faced with carrying out the task for 30 minutes or an hour a day. However we should be able to do the task at least for sixty seconds.


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At first we all might be doubtful as we grew up thinking that everything takes enormous amount of efforts. But this is not at all true .Undertaking a task rigorously without enjoying it can end up exhausting you and leave no tangible results. But enjoying your new activity just for a minute initially will bring you joy and satisfaction. Moreover if you do not like an activity you can leave it without regretting that you ended up wasting so much time on it.
Take one little step at a time and this will lead you to self perfection. The one minute principle allows you to see what progress you have made. It is important to overcome the lack of confidence you might have before undertaking the activity. This is obvious that everyone needs to experiences sense of victory and success to move forward. Once this feeling strikes you ,you will gradually begin to increase the time of the goal you have set. Maybe at first just increase five minutes more.This will gradually stretch to half an hour or more.

All you have to do is to understand what it is you want to achieve. And start doing it for just a minute every single day.