As I sip my cup of cappuccino while I stare at the golden waters in front of me,

I feel the familiar brew calm my nerves and work its magic.

The starry sky, the cool breeze, the view of reflected orange onto the water around the bridge,the sound of trees, swaying to the tunes of Perfect by Ed Sheeran ,blaring out of the speakers of my favourite café , finally put me at ease.

This place is my re-centering spot. The view always shows me what I truly feel. I can’t hide my soul and true nature with work over here. I can’t control my actions at this place. I’m raw and stripped naked. I’m all heart. This is where I truly resolve.

Turn down your feelings and turn up your hustle mantra goes on a vacation over here.

No one knows who and what I really am. No one knows the demons that I face. Not even the closest person has seen all my sides, especially my wrath.

After all that has happened, and the changed and constantly growing person that I am today,

All I can think of is what matters to me the most, and that is to be remembered.

Love and forever promises are fleeting. I need the real deal but it’s extinct.

All that is constant and permanent is that special group of friends and family.

My kinda forever people, for whom I can go to any lengths to protect them. ANY LENGTHS.

But what scares me the most is to have lived a life where I haven’t made a name,

Where I haven’t made a positive contribution to mankind with my work.

The greatest sadness is not being left, but being forgotten.

As long as we are remembered, we remain alive, even after our death.

I chase after immortality in the minds of people who have known me.

It’s now time to get back to the grind, and drown myself in work again, because I’m crazy enough to think that I will the change the world one day, and make a difference. I will keep returning to my spot when it all gets too much and overwhelming again.

Detach yourself from oblivion for a while and introspect deep within,

Do you want to be remembered too?