Everything you wish to know about Gaurang Bobde.


This case has 2 prospective built in it.

1. Gaurang's family:  Vendati (sister), her mother Bharti Bobde and father Shrirang Bobde have alleged that Gaurang was murdered. According to the short post-mortem report, Gaurang had suffered a liver rupture. This was not due to liquor consumption but someone might have hit him hard in stomach. While speaking to media persons, she said that there was an injury mark on her brother's eye.She alleged that one of the bouncers at the pub might have hit him in the eye. Gaurang also suffered three fractures in his right hand, she said.

2. Police investigations: Police are trying to somehow prove that it was an accident. Police has not taken necessary action in the matter so far as those involved in the murder belong to rich families.Meanwhile, IG Vivekanand Sinha along with SP Mayank Shrivastava and other police officials visited the spot and took stock of the situation. IG said that the pub at the mall was open till late night without any permission.He said that license of the said pub would be cancelled. IG added further investigations into the case are underway and necessary action would be taken against anyone found guilty.