Cafe Al Fresco by Cantina Bodega.

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Address: 63/C-8, Sunaparanta Centre For The Arts, Near Lar De Estudantes, Altinho, Panjim, Goa.
Phone: 08322421315

Bodegathis cafe is located in the central city, Panaji. This cafe not just provides delicious food but also inspires a poet in you, makes you feel just so good about the gone-by golden era that took building houses seriously that transformed houses into homes that were decorated and had fascinating characteristics. the ambiance inside is just so pleasant and mesmerizing.
The people in Bodega have a very unique and different way of serving food. They don't have menus at all. All you have to do is just, go to the counter, check the menu on the notice board next to the counter, order and they shall serve you food. Menu on the notice board consists of Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian both. They serve the best RED VELVET cupcakes ever. There's no better competition for cupcakes and sandwiches, than that of Bodega.

Burger Factory.



Address: Soranto Vaddo, Anjuna Mapusa Road, Anjuna, Goa.
Phone: 08600990220

Burger Factory, is located in the mainland of tourists, Anjuna. It is situated in a very happening and exuberant place. This place is said to be always 'high', because everyone here is so chilled and relaxed in their  lives. Everyone here is just come to have the best times of their life. Burger factory has a really unique and classy ambiance. There are these bottles and jars of crystals and stones and shells, hanging from the ceiling. They kind of have these dream catchers which have amazing patters and feathers. There are tiresall over the place which are so systematically used as, to hold bulbs, and so it look like a magical wall piece. 
Coming to the food, at Burger Factory, you'd have your life's best food. They serve delicious and mouth watering burgers along with french fries and a can of coke. They even have the best-in-town cookie shake, and maple syrup shake. Just so yum that you can't resist. The dips they serve are homemade and excellent. The classic chicken, veggie patty and spinach burger are all worth it. The guys who runs is quite friendly and helps you nicely with menu options.

Thirsty Bear.

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Address: Shop 3, Kenkre Centre, Edapally Highway, Panaji, Goa 403005

Thirsty Bear, is located on the roadside just perfect to halt your car, get down and grab some amazing food and smoothies. This is one comfortable place to go with your cousins and friends who love to have fresh juices and burgers. The ambiance is really nice. They have soft and bouncy couches to have a seat on, and the plants and cold air just makes the place so cosy and you wanting to be there in. 
They have a really strong and different food menu that will get you salivating. They serve tasty mushroom and chicken roll. They’re famous for their Caramel Butterscotch Mousse and Raspberry Choco Pastry. They have the best summer coolers to get you off the scorching heat outside; blue cool, green-apple juice, chocolate float and a variety more. You will even go crazy over their Paneer and Chicken Cafreal roll. 

Cafe Prashant.

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Address: Mapusa, Goa 403507

Cafe Prashant, is a local cafe situated in the market city of Goa, Mapusa. Many people enjoy exquisite and western breakfast, but, to all the people out there, you have to to have a quick bite from this local cafeteria if you want to have a sneak peek of the real Goan food. This place will give you the best of Goan cuisines. Many foreigners visit this place to have a taste of the authentic recipes of Goa. Straight from the bakery, right onto your plates. The owner of the shop, Mohan, is one of a kind. I tell you you wont meet a so-friendly person like him. He would always display his hospitality towards you to the fullest. All the workers and chefs are so good, you can see the essence of them being a true Goan resident, with the smile on their faces.
Coming to the food, Cafe Prashant will serve you with the best of handmade Goan dishes. The first thing to order is hot pav (bread) with a variety of bhaji's (mix, patal, sukha and tomato). Sweet buns, mirchi (chilli) bhajiyas, potato fries and batata(potato) vada are their special food items you have to taste. You also must have their Falodaa with ice creams and the fresh and refreshing lemon soda. Travelling everywhere else is kind of fine but I tell you should at-least for once visit this amazing and sweet little cafe.

Piccola Roma Pizza

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AddressChapora Road, Near Petrol Pump,Vagator, Goa 403509

Phone075078 06821

Piccola Roma, this is one of the most enchanting and exhilarating places you can ever go to. The ambiance is simply so lit. The entire area is decorated with candles and fresh perfume. The decor is simply so good. There aren’t the normal and boring table chairs. There are these soft beds and cushions that are laid down so that you can have a peaceful rest time and just chill and enjoy and have a great time with you loved and dear ones. You’ll love seeing pizza getting ready since they have an open kitchen. 

This is an extraordinary place for Italian, you have to try the pizza de goa, diVola and bruschetta is worth it, and don't miss the cannelloni. The wood fire oven gives the food flavor. The pizzas here are so different from the regular ones. Even the potato cubes are baked with olive oil and garlic amazing. The basil pizza for all my vegan friends and the barbecue chicken for all non-veggies is a must suggestion.