I was curious about her. She came daily to the Library at 6 in the evening. A cute 20-year-old girl, studying in IT branch. I saw her every day; I came to Library daily only for her and I make excuses to my friends about studying in the library or some other club work. I have never seen her laughing or talking too much. She had only one friend, she talks to her only.
That day I came early after completing my last class in TT, she walked into the Library and I was at the door, I looked into her eyes slowly… slowly then all at once and the very first time she smiled. I felt some birds were flying inside my heart. Her smile was so innocent, a man would forget his grief for a while. if he saw her smiling! I couldn’t forget that day, many days gone, we kept looking at each other sharing smiles, sharing eyes looks and one day I asked her out. She didn’t reply.
The next day when I reached the library, she was already there. She wrote one letter and put in one of the magazines and she passed it to me.
Tomorrow 6 PM at food court, I will wait.

I kept looking at her smile. I felt that there is something she hides from this whole world, there is a little girl in her heart in that sad face.

At 5:55 PM, I reached the food court, sat down in one corner on the table. She came at 6:10 PM. She was wearing a blue dress and a little makeup on her face. 

Oh damn!! She was looking so beautiful; I had been waiting for this moment for a long time. She sat down in front me, she smiled, I also smiled. I ordered coffee and some snacks. We both ate, we were talking but I felt some awkward there, so I asked her to take a walk with me around the campus. She started taking walks with me; I asked her about her family and everything, she was a little bit open up now. I was one person happy about her.

But somewhere I felt she was hiding something, she didn’t want to open up about it. Many days passed, we now met many times in many places. We both were walking on streets that evening, the streets were so empty that day, and I looked at her she smiled back to me.

” You know you are so beautiful,” I said. 

Oh, stop it please, I think I am the most unattractive girl you have ever met in your life. “,she laughed.
” You know you are so beautiful.”, I said. 
Oh! stop it please, I think I am the most unattractive girl you have ever met in your life. “,she laughed.
“No, dear, no just look at you, you are beautiful, yes you are!! I love your smile and I…..!! ” ,I stopped.
She broke the silence," Oh thanks. That is so sweet of you." 
“I think I am in love with you, I think you are the best person I have ever meet in my life I…. I…”, I was preparing myself in front of the mirror. I suddenly stopped for a while and asked myself,” am I really in love with her? ”, I looked at the mirror and it gave my answer, I saw her face in that mirror.
We met that day, but I couldn’t tell her my feelings. I was unable to express my feeling about her, I knew when I was with her I forgot every grief in my life. I met her I felt she mean to me.
We were talking, sitting at foodies a place which I loved since I came to VIT. We were talking about her life, my life and I was looking at her, she stopped talking and smiled back to me.
” What? ” she said.
” I think I am in love with you Mohini, since I met you I felt something which I never felt this before, you know you are the best thing happen to my life, whenever I am with you I feel like a someone who really cares about me in this world of mine…. I love you, I love you, and will you take care of me, forever? ” she looked into my eyes,” see, I love you, dear, I mean it, but I think I can’t be with you, you will find someone better than me dear please don’t ask me why?"."You are the best thing happen in my life. I love you! ”, tears were rolling down from her eyes. I cried a lot that night.

I didn’t see her for weeks.
I went to the Library one day after four weeks when we last met  but I could not find her in the library.
I was leaving the Library around 7.30 in the evening suddenly she stopped me, a friend of her.
” She was sad about you, she came to the Library every day and asked me every day about you” ,she said.
I was sad too from inside and then I narrated a whole story to her. 
Oh, I know why she said no to be live with you, see Mohini really loves you but she doesn’t want to hurt you man..!” ,she said. 

 “Oh please she is hurting me, if she really loves me then what thing is stopping her”, I said. 
Well, you want to know?”, she said.
 Yes, I want to know”, I said.
” She has Thalassemia; she needs a blood every week and it's impossible in college, Vihan!! . She has some years left in her hand, I think rest you will understand” ,she said.

It broke my heart into pieces, why didn’t she tell me, why?. Tears were rolling down from my eyes.
Next day, I went to my favorite place sat down on a bench where we used to sit. I thought for some minutes, a lot of thoughts came to my mind. I wipe my tears, it’s time for her to come to the Library and I ran for some minutes, I reached at the Library. She was not there, I looked around and I reached to second floor, she was sitting on one chair and reading a novel ,“Everyone has a story” by Savi Sharma.
I walked towards her, she looked at me she came near to me, and I took her hand and sat on a chair. We were both looking at each other.

” See, Mohini I love you, you mean the world to me, I don’t believe in soul mates or anything else but I am going to live with you rest of my life that’s what I understand!! .Why you didn’t tell me Mohini. Ayushi told to me yesterday. I know its hardest thing but Mohini if you really don’t want to hurt me, so please live with me, I will be there with you forever.  Because of my life without you? That’s going to hurt me like a hell. Please Mohini, I will love you till the last breath of my life”, tears were rolling down from my eyes. 

8 years later, Ahmedabad

She was so sick in her last days. She kept looking at me for hours, she barely spoke to anyone in that phase. I cried every night for her. She knew all the things but that last night she talked to me.
” Vihan, my love I love you and you are the best thing that ever happened to my life, you are my soul mate, you remember, that evening in college near the girl's hostel Vihan, you were about to say those three magical words  . I was very happy that day Vihan and suddenly I thought about my Thalassemia and today here I am, giving you the hole in your heart for rest of your life.”

My eyes were filled with tears, I couldn’t spoke a word. I was crying. I hugged her, kissed her on forehead. “No my love, you are not giving. A hole in my heart, you gave me best years of my life. And I will love you until last breath of my life, I love you!!! ”

She was smiling, the same smile I saw on her face first time we met & after some minutes she died in front of me in my hand. I cried a lot for many days.

” Mohini, my love, today there is our 8th Love anniversary and you know ,you are really a best thing ever happen to my life. I chose you not because I love you but because you mean the world to me, you are my soul mate, you deserve me and I deserve you!!. But I really miss you Mohini! .. see I am not crying, I don’t get hurt, I wish you could survive some more days. But time never stops for anyone, I didn’t get hurt by you Mohini but losing you is hurting me like hell!!. Mohini, I miss you so much…!!, I will love you until last breath of my life. ” ,some drops of tears were falling down on her photo.