Riviera is one of the most prestigious event held in Vellore Institute of Technology(VIT) University every year in the month of February.Riviera 2016 was covered by a group of talented students of VIT University. Taking time out of their buzy schedule and covering such a big event is no small task. Visual Blogger's Club appreciates these talents and this blog will give a vivid picture of whole process of planning, shooting and editing by these individuals. Upon interviewing them we recieved some really interesting answers.

We asked the below questions to Noel Mathew, who is one member of the team which covered Riviera 2016;

  • Give us a brief introduction about yourself and your team?

I am pursuing a CCIE Certification in the Networking Domain. My teammate, Mohamed Jameer, is working as a photographer/videographer/Editor with Joseph Radhik, arguably the best wedding photographer in India. Vishal Pisharoti is working in UI Design, Video and is an independant Musician. Currently, he's working on an album. Dheeraj is in his final Semester doing his Final Year Project and is working as an Intern in T.I.Cycle. Raghav is working as an Asst. Cinematographer in the Tamil industry and is working on his portfolio.

  • What were the obstacles you came across while convincing the VIT people for the film and making it?

We actually had a lot of hurdles. But none of this would have happened without our Boss, Mr. Vikram Sundararaj. He bought the best out of us without a doubt. We also received a lot of support from Sudheer Sir, Deepa Ma'am and Brijesh Sir.

  • Were/are you member of any club or chapter?

I am also a member of the Photography Club VIT University. My peers were part of VIT film society, Pravega Racing Team and other chapters.

  • Tips to manage both club/chapter and academics?

Know what to do when and how. Prioritize time. And you can do anything. And theres never an excuse "I don't have time". Time is what we have in abundance and what we can lose with a blink of an eye.

  • What do you think it takes to be successful and famous in VIT college?

Asking us this question I am going to understand that you take us to be very successful and famous. Thanks. Heres the secret; no one goes to a drawing board and makes a plan to become famous. Just be true to who you are, be original, hustle. Show Integrity and never try too hard. Give Respect and Earn Respect. These things don't happen overnight. Honestly don't even live a life with goals as such, it can cause a lot of ill and distress.

  • Your proudest moment in VIT?

Not bragging, but all of us have a wide range of talents, huge networks, and quiet a lot of things happening to include to proud moments. Collectively, I could mention the success of the Riviera After Movie as our proudest moment in VIT

  • How has your VIT experience prepared you for your career (jobs you're doing now)?

VIT can change your outlook for the better and can flood you with so many opportunities. All you got to do is wait and capitalize.

  • What is the most difficult part of the movie making process according to you?

A lot of tasks can be considered as a difficult part of movie making process. Editing can sure be a huge headache. The after movie we shot,capturing the live moments and not having the liberty to miss out anything is very difficult. In films that'd be easy cause its takes.Honestly, The most difficult part would definitely be getting the right team to work with. Once that element is cracked, work becomes seamless.

  • Have you guys made more than one movie together? If so, which movie according to you has been the second best work of your group (‘Riviera After Movie’ being the best I suppose)?

We have only made 2 videos together. The Riviera After Movie and the Graduation Video for the batch of 2016. Both have their own perks. A mother treats all their children equally.

  • Have you kept the filmy keeda alive in you? What do you do to feed it (extracurricular, hobby type)?

We all do. We have a group where we always keep ourselves updated with everything happening in the industry. All of us are predominantly photographers more than anything else. So a lot of keedas are present amongst us in different forms.

  • Did your ever think of film making as career?

I personally never thought I would have what it takes to take it up as a career. I wouldn't be interested in turning my passion into a career.I'd like that passion to be my getaway to explore and just relax when i am stressed out and fed up from a possible desk job. Again it all depends on circumstances and who I'd get to collaborate with. At this point of my life, this would be my answer. There are exceptions though, if I can work with this team then its a definite yes. We have some plans. Lets see.