As soon as we entered SJT 412 we could feel the warm presence of the focused and innovative participants. Their laptops and brains both were charged to extent to accept the ideas and turn them into a substantial model. The anticipation in the room increased as the guests arrived at 4 P.M.

Mr. Manoranjan Padhy
Social media and community manager, Google India
An avid python developer 

Mr. Ahish Rajput
CEO and co-founder of
An IITK alumnus

Mr. Abhinav Cardea
CEEO and founder of Cardea Labs and miBeat
Rated amongst the top 10 global innovators (2013, 2014) by MIT

Mentors from Cardea Labs

Day I:

The event started with the motivational introductory words of Prof. Arunkumar T (Dean SCOPE). Saumya and Shimona the editorial lead and WTM lead of GDG respectively, then instructed the students with the rules of the event. The podium was then offered to the very gentle and down to earth, Mr. Manoranjan Padhy.

He addressed the hot topic of Firebase Remote Config. He was generous enough to literally make the participants speak up and let their thoughts and doubts out on anything. Next Mr. Cardea was invited to the podium to begin the hack-a-thon on a high note with his keynote speech.

This person surely has some personality. He offered all the participants many innovative ideas for the ecosystem hack-a-thon and wished them luck.

The judges panel included Mr. Ashish Rajput, Mr. Abhinav Cardea and Prof. Manjula R (Associate Professor, VIT University).

The participants were then asked to brush their brains and get the best innovative ideas out to pitch for the next two hours.

Participants were lucky enough to get mentors from the Cardea Labs itself to guide them through the ideation. After a lot of brainstorming, all the thirty five teams were given a chance to present their ideas in front of everybody and the judges. The pitching went on till 06:30 P.M. Following the alightment on the captivating topics with the advisory aid of the judges, was a long but worthy twenty-four hour hack-a-thon. Meanwhile GDG recharged the brain batteries of all the participants and organizers themselves with refreshments at intervals and songs in the background.

Day II:

The hack-a-thon continued the whole night and till the eve of day two. Every team was ready with a presentation which had every drop of their passionate work of one whole day poured into it by 04:00 P.M.

The curious judges, organizers and we awaited what the Piñata.ppt of such innovative teams had to show. Each team had something extraordinary to offer in their presentation. 


After each and every presentation, the kind judges would put in extra effort to have a deeper look at each idea and discuss the same with the respective team members. This thready look over all the ideas went on till 07:30 P.M.

As the hack-a-thon was coming to an end, Mr. Ashish Rajput enlightened the youngsters with the future trends in technology. He talked about the next disruption and spotted out the fact that how in a few years, AI will take over most of the jobs.

There could be no better moment to end the hack-a-thon, at such a motivated note. Mr. Cardea and Prof. Arunkumar T then distributed some mementos from Cardea Labs to the participants working on miBeat. Following that Mr. Cardea, Dr. Arunkumar T and Dr. Senthilnathan (Faculty Coordinator, GDG) gave their respective thank you speeches.

In the end Abhitej Singh of GDG bid a farewell to all the participants, the guests and VBC. Singh then asked the participants to collect the gifts GDG had for them from Google as they left.

The air in the room cooled down as the participants left and it was time for congratulating all the organizers of such a successful event, which Prof. Arunkumar T did with all his heart. Followed by this was the photo session of different groups categorized based on fields of work, some candid and some forced ;) .


And in the end one big fat club.

All in all it was a fun event for sure, not only for the guests, participants and organizers, but also for us VBC as an outsider for whom everything was much interesting as something on Discovery channel.