He opened the vehicle's door,

pushed the key into it's hole,

gave the engine a stuttering start

and watched

as it wished the world with roars


He closed his eyes and joined his hands,

as though back in school,

and paused for prayer,

then drove around like Mr.Mad,

cuz there was no time to spare.

He sizzled through the empty streets-

all of which were hushed and sober"

some days we had before",

he felt,

ones to keep and remember.

He spent the day driving around town

earning very little while

picking 'n' dropping strangers ,

but grateful he'll be his remaining life,

for the respect he earned from others and his peers.

The year's only begun ,

unlike the Days of our Lives,

so take a moment and meet the Man

who's helped many of them revive.


In the pandemic that we stand in,

He ain't any pro or any doc,

but just a man who did it best-

to pick 'n' drop and pick 'n' drop..

"So who is he?",you'll ask (told you!)

that I'll readily answer:

for some- just the Shipper

in emergency- he's the Warrior,

for some- the God's own Carrier,

by profession- he's the white haired Ambulance Driver.