Her eyes were like bonfire shining on the black night. 
Mama's little girl on the ride of her life and it's alright.
Dropping the fake smile, 
she trudged her way back to the chairs to give her feet some rest, 
from the unsaid rule, 
when a man asks a woman to dance never decline. 
Some of them still wondered to get yes, 
But she couldn't. 
Do they even feel like a man, pushing her around? 
Do they feel better, as she falls to the ground?
Well I'll tell you my friend, one day this world's got to end, 
all these lies crumble down, with a new life she'll find, 
Shy of patience in this greatness. 
It wasn't her but who she is. 
The princess. 
She decides the king, forgets it all everynight,
as she lies on her back by the gate, 
as she gets kisses from the neon rain,
There's no pain. 
She looked ....., trying to hide away into the corner, 
but my eyes always found that modern beauty,
Bit taller,
Bit stronger,
Bit smarter,
Never less than the best.
As I stood next to her, alone. 
My father brought me here to look for someone, 
Who might have to spend their life with the type that I am. 
But every time I looked around, my eyes would go back to her. 
She looked exhausted. 
Of pretending, maybe. 
Down here everyone with a plan onto something, 
Everyone falling in love is lonely, alright!!
Suddenly she looking at me with dangerous eyes and a half smile. 
My eyes widened in surprise. 
Her eyes travelled along my silhoutte into the summer air, 
she immediately slides hers aside. 
I didn't see her for a while, 
My eyes looking around, trying to find those pupils like dimes. 
I walked to the balcony to get some air in my eyes, and there she was again, 
screaming with a silent confusion. 
Maybe a small curtsy would have been fine, She quickly ran back, 
Leaving clench in my jaw and a tingle in my spine.
I didn't see her for the next two days maybe decades. 
Then on the new eve, She came. 
As usual, the men went up to her and asked her for a spin. 
She looked right into their eyes and said, 'NOT THIS TIME!!', 
Maybe she found someone,
To give her a kiss, as she bites her lips, 
To say you're full of shit yet so right.
People hoping that they'd be the one, 
but she declined every time. 
She did not dance with a single all the night.
On the edge of the night, 
she started roaming, searching for something in the light.
She walked towards me and smiled. 'Would you like to share this last dance with me...Madaem?
I wouldn't have said yes. 
Until i saw the queen infront of me, a queen with control of her own life, 
Not taking a no for the answer.
I raised my hand into her outreached arms fetching mine. 
With no music, we danced night long. 
Her eyes never left mine as we talked about life. 
As we didn't care about a thing, we and our world with a fulfiled dream, not blaming ourselves for all that was going rightnow.
Everyone disappeared as we smiled. Going closer to the sky, people wondering why but it's all right.

Nobody tried to question the change tonight, Queen that found her queen by her right for the rest of her nights