These people over my head
Call me the weird inhuman, sleep ain't my near cousin
I'll be a survivor so I will rise up and now what!?
Bunch of douche trying to mix me 
Like a Puppet, so Fuck it
Pile the deads up until its so high, I go beyond the sky
The sky's nothing but just the ether
Forget the coming back,
I was told to go to sleep,
But still, they keep on poking me
They're hoping to see me go down mentmotionally!!
But how can I sleep when joking about me
I'm leaving for the life in hell
Angels will find me to help me dwell...
Been kicked around like around a lifetime since I was a kid,
Countless times been casted,
Gotta remind myself of it every now and then.
Taught myself how to get out of it
And balance it with bass and the beat,
Don't tell about struggle, you got none of it.
Bjarne and Rasmus took JGreen from me
I don't know how to define it.
Even I want to sell my soul to Mephisto and then?
If I even believe in myself, I won't achieve it
That's the reason I do all my talking with me.
And as long as I'm breathing I'll stand,
With the Demon but heart of God
The evil calls, angels come along...
While you kept your room nice and neat,
I bring the fault with me
Flipping pillow to find the cold fluffy i can dig in.
Just to hear the pain, tattooed me 
Like my arm in black with none to clean it.
Should I feel upset, why?
Already dead to me before I die
So I'm asking for a pass not to heaven
No coming back from where I'm going
Sky is dark, soul is black, hand on the sharp
Dig with the blade up, 
So meet me in hell!