Sometimes you get sad, it's fine.
But when it's a lil bit too much, 
You lose it all,
You get hepatic when people are creeping out wherever you go,
Feel paranoid when people talk about
And you feel it's time to do things you'll regret,
Or say something really dumb,
or just betray yourself.
Don't be so sad, you'll get over it, 
I promise you all that.
Life is beautiful even though we're forgetful.
You get that feel when dopamine run just in hush.
So you talk to birds, make some funny words, 
Just feel sexy as you stare at your shadow,
Or the mix emotion while you pass that cute one.
With a reason to live, you love again,
Won't take it for granted, 
Take a walk around to ease your troubled mind,
You'll get something to do, 
to watch the world from the bright side of the moon.
You'll call yourself strong weak,
You'll go crazy but call yourself superman.
That my mark to slow it
When u travel with light everything else slows down
You see everything
Pushing something to limit and hope to hold it together,
Don't need to have some sense of where the limit ends
Look out there, Out there is the perfect thing
No mistakes every change perfect
Its the point where everything fades,
Everything goes weightless just disappeared
And all is left is the body running through space and time.
You feel it coming
Close on you
Close your ears
I ask you a question
Only the question matters
Who are you 
A single breath more,
And the life finally explodes