A peacock's shriek in distress
A dog's bark in acknowledgement
An owl's surveillance, unmatched

Ozone layer against the UV 
CO2 against fire, for the plants
A good air index, the urban life's failure

As the Leopard devours the innocent
And as the machines exhaust the sky

I see no difference as it is
A wild animal and a wild.. human.. to be precise

Killing in the name of religion, and if saved
In caste's name, you'll have to face its wrath
This is modern world, in which every human is a scar

I close my eyes to cover the horror in sight 
But the tears of empathy force it open to worsen my plight

In comes something novel, god, to be precise
Takes down everyone, no religion, caste or gender in sight

Everything stops, stops for a while
Yet they don't learn the lesson, 
the normal life you live
Is a big fat lie 

Everyone wants to go back, back to the times
When healthcare wasn't given a mention of  
Oh guru ji, how can your soul devour mine? 

God is taking down everyone and not stopping at once
The most materialistic of borders are crumbling at once

Hunger for power, hunger for money, soon you'll realise 
A poor man's plight in everyday's life 
Hunger for food, hunger for rights, soon you'll realise 

For this is your own god's lesson, I'm just an atheist 
The world that he made is long gone, all I see is his feces

Corona is God. It's saving us all. 
The environment is healing and 
opening our eyes to it all

Priorities are being set straight
Humanity is suddenly our biggest concern
Isn't this the best life? 

Is this the save, save for all? 
Or a warning, before it's all gone
It may be a virus, as deadly as they come

But it's our savior, which is here to save us from the inevitable abyss
So that we can learn to be sane again and give humanity a warm, gentle kiss