In the deep nights I go to my deep sleep,
ignoring the scars that burn deep 
Lying on my bed,
carrying the burden of the promises I keep
A broken glass piece only hurts when touched
Unless it is fixed with a subtle, soft grip
Your heart aches when you put those chemicals inside you
But nothing else takes you far away from the reality that despises you
I fall in love, I break my heart, I recover, bit by bit, it becomes a year
Happiness is found, emotions are no longer a despair
But I find myself falling in love again 
Ready for the same cycle to be repeated again
As the attempt of failure resonates all my intentions, 
The true grudges overshadow the purest of emotions
I need to break this cycle down
I need to stop this chain
For that I need to derail it
So that it stops moving again
Or.. or.. will someone come in 
And derail it like nobody else
Give you warmth like never before, seashells
Is it worth another shot? 
Or will the same cycle follow
I guess we'll find out
Right now this heart is too hollow