I look at strong women around me and I
wonder if strong is just a word I
use to describe anyone 
who isn’t me.
if the world knew what one had to endure
to survive you
would it call me strong too?
or would it
like myself
dismiss me 
for a girl too timid for her own good?
if you knew just how much of me
it took
to survive you
would you hang your face?
would it be okay if I
said to the world, you’re a disgrace?
would they believe me if I said
all your strength
was stolen from me?
would you believe me if I said
you are nothing 
but a body
that only knows to destroy
anything that comes in its way?
but I believe I stand as an
adamant exception.
I wrote my name in the list of things
you owned
and now, with a heavy heart
I cross it off.