your freckles
tell the story of
a troubled past.
you tell me you wish
you didn’t have them — 
i don’t see why.
i wanna say, “beauty lies
in the eyes
of the beholder”
but i fear you might disagree.

so we stay still instead
like objects of inanimate past
although i can tell
what worries your pretty little mind.
you see, some things
are beyond us
they transcend us,
like the questions of 
the beginning and the end.
it wouldn’t be life
if you could choose
who you get and who you lose
what comes and what goes.
wouldn’t be life if
you knew just why she had to go.
but if you chin up, step out
you would see how much more
there is to life
than there is to death.
they say we get the pain
we can bear
not more, not less.
you may never know 
why she had to leave 
but you need to know
why you’ve got to stay.

you see, i’m not good with words
so while the silence between us
holds the heavy weight
of my thoughts, and yours,
i’ll just say
“your freckles are beautiful,
and so are you.”