1585308869.jpgFind a place between rock-paper-scissors,
Try to find a way through those days
But don't know how,
End up flipping the world upside down
And right now, you don't wanna show it
Cause you don't think that anyone will notice
And everybody says they're fine,
This hell we live in,
Trying to numb the pain with thousand pills
I know silence is a deadly sound,
It's never easy when you're breaking down
Face the days that went wasted
Trying to find our way through the mazes
Can't wait this out
Or walk through that fire somehow
You try to put together all the pieces
Lose your mind,
Trying to live back in time,
Making past the present with future idk.
Eyes wide open, 
Mama's little boy got demons,
Buts it's alright,
The fears has crowded everything out.
Sometime you do things for right reasons and sometimes for the wrong ones,
Sometime with impossibility to tell the difference.
Human beings are mysterious and paradoxical.
Encounter some turbulence into which all lives maybe foo little maybe too much must fall.
The blurred sky of people owing the happiness and sadness to cause madness waiting for disaster.
To know how it feels when you are the only one survived,
That's when u realize
You must have done something right.