Never been alone in the city this late,
It's deserted.
I call him,
No answer, straight to voicemail.
"Might be stuck, it appears in something more fabulous than a phone call.
Fabulous level falls a bar, a call back."
Wanting to cut his life into pieces,
I curse him to least tell me the truth.
Look up down the street no one anywhere,
Fish out my keys, drove with no music.
Not happy.
Not happy about her,
Not happy about him,
Not happy about abondning me with a fake id.
But in the dark lake shore with the engine eating up all the sound,
There's something numb in my lips
After the last kiss that I want to keep,
Something pure, seems singular.
There was a time, I wanted her.
But with such competition of leads,
They fell in love so soon so fully.
I think i need help, drowning in myself.
Not stopping for even a second,
To imagine the unnecessary makeout sessions,
I was just some guy in standing in the late night noise.