Another beautiful day filled with opportunities for me to ignore. Don't let anyone, you meet, tell you that I'm a boring chap who enjoys solitude and the company of books better than people and thatI’m not an outdoor person. Because you cannot just take someone else’s opinionand form yours. Let me tell you first-hand that all those things about me are a100% true. Yes, I’m an absolute anti-social bum who leaves the dorm for theclasses (sort of an occupational hazard) and the occasional gym. There you are.

Don’t be that bitch/buffoon (I understand that‘buffoon’ is less offensive than ‘bitch’ to some people, but then all thosepeople are sexist pigs because I mean to convey equal detestation from thesewords, thank you) who believes anything he hears and adds to the story beforehanding it over to the next bitch/buffoon. We’ve enough problems without thelikes of you.

My Spotify has enough juice to enable me tosurvive without descending into anarchy out of the choice to remain isolated.The only way I wish to communicate with my species out there is through theseblogs; since there is no way they can talk back. Perfect mechanism

“What’s with the rebel phase bro?”

It’s not a rebel phase.

Do you see me listening to emo and walking withmy hands tucked in my jeans, head held down and eyes focused on my shoes butreally contemplating the existence of humanity and the universe’s message tous, hinting us about our motive on this planet?


The only motive I care about is Weed, Woman(Feminists, don’t you even dare) and Wafers.

And the occasional Whey, of course.

“But what brought on this escalated change inperspective?”

See, now you are asking the right questions.


Many many years ago….

Lol nah. Last week I was walking back to the dormfrom the classes when I was going through my daily dose of self-depreciatingthoughts and this time I was giving my self-esteem a hard time because I’mstill single. But really, what the fuck? I can play the guitar, I blog, Icompose poems (Even if they are mostly depressing, they are still poems) I amfunny enough to be laughed with andnot at, I know my boundaries aroundpeople and I’m not exactly T.Cruise but I can look good if I try. But try forwhom? The general mass of women around this locality doesn’t seem to noticeeffort at all.

This session was getting quite heated up andmight’ve had landed me into days of listening to emo and walking with my handstucked in my jeans, head held down and eyes focused on my shoes but reallycontemplating the existence of humanity and the universe’s message to us,hinting us about our motive on this planet……

But fortunately, as I was about to cross thecollege bounds and into the Men’s hostel, I saw this beautiful, raw truth ofrelationships being displayed with such passion, OMG.

A couple was basically throwing abuses at eachother (and kudos to the ma’am, amazing vocabulary) for a mishap or something.And I was watching all this from a safe distance (you don’t wanna get in themiddle of a couple-outburst, trust me, personal experience) suddenly the boyhad lost all composure and patience and he put his head around his head andscreamed in absolute agony of the mind.




This particular scene, this image of the malemind being twisted and grinded, was more reason for me to back the fuck offfrom any advances ever made, no matter how remote.

In short,



But this is not all, you see, this right here wasmy moment of knowledge, this was my eureka moment.

“Eliminate the Extra” a.k.a an“ETE”

The extra people in your life, the extra effortyou put into social situations, the extra bullshit you bear that is not helpingat all, the extra thinking and of course the extra fat. 

Believe me, a lot of problems have been seenpacking their stuff and queuing at the back door.


I know what you are thinking right now, all ofthis smells obviously of commitment issues. And why not? all that effort fromlast semester and here I am, still best-friends with my left hand. 

You meet a lot of people on a daily basis, somepeople are plainly supposed to be in your life for a minute is all and some canstay there forever. Don’t be a fool and invite the mass like it’s the fucking springbreak.

Be choosy. Your life is you, and you don’t wantto be sharing your life with someone who is not meant to be there for as longyou last. It doesn’t really feel rainbows and butterflies when efforts go downthe drain and feelings don’t get reciprocated.

It is wise to look at your future with your owntwo eyes and not someone else’s. My eyes see a future that doesn’t give anyquarter for my time to be wasted trying to build a tower whose foundation is asweak as my ability to give fucks anymore. I’m a civil engineering student, andif anything at all, I’ve learned something that may be framed something likethis,


It doesn’t matter how many things the two of youhave in common, how desperate the two of you are, how deeply in love you are,if the foundation of your relationship is not concrete, it isn’t going to govery far up. The base needs to bear the risks, the failures and if onewrong-brick is all it takes to topple your construct,

Don’t bother.

So be choosy with friends and with whoever youare going to call your support system. Be choosy because when you allow someoneto be privy to all your emotions and insecurities, any betrayal or anythingsouth will basically kill a huge part of you.