In the Darkest Hour

It seemed like that darkest hour in the history of time,
The world seemed to be falling apart.
 I felt myself falling apart,
Lonelier than ever, none of them around seemed to be mine. 

The small tinge of hope receded,
All that I could see was darkness.
Detached from every sense of pleasure,
My courage was overcome by a dreadful sense of being hopeless. 

It was in that darkest hour,
That you decided to hold my hand. 
Pull me through the deadly storm,
And find my wrecked ship a bit of land. 

My drowning soul began to breathe again,
My dark self finally saw a ray of light. 
Your compassion melted the ice,
And the darkest our seemed out of sight. 

It was in that darkest hour,
That you chose to hold onto me,
And now that my life is bright again,
I still choose not to let you go.