A Letter to my Unexpected Best Friend

I know it has been a long time since we last spoke, but i really do miss you. I miss every single moment we spent together back in school. I still remember the chemistry exam that sowed the seed to our everlasting friendship. 

Chemistry had been driving both of us crazy when you came and sat beside me. Then we started talking, completely out of the blue. From talking about how annoying a subject chemistry was, to revealing the names of our crushes, we both had our first conversation. 

I probably thought we'd not be talking again. That's what happens all the time, isn't it? People meet, they talk, and they leave. 

But that wasn't the case with us. It was your birthday, and we celebrated it together. From hanging out together in lunch break to driving the canteen lady crazy, we spent the most memorable moments together.

Probably our friendship reached its first milestone after that hypercity visit. That definitely brought us closer. After that, from non stop chatting during the study hours to laughing at every person entering the class, we added several new images to the album of our memories. 

Today, we might be miles apart, but you're right in my heart. I miss you, and we have to meet soon. I'm not going to spare you without executing the phoenix plan.