Who doesn’t like animated movies?

Cartoons and animated movies are loved globally, by children and adults alike. They are funny, quirky and often have thought-provoking messages.

Considering animated movies alone, due to advancements in digital technology, they are getting even more enhanced. ToyStory and Ice-age are universally loved animated franchises.

I really love a ton of animated movies but 3 particular ones just stand out:

1. Walle-e (2008)

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Walle-e is more than just a funny kid’smovie. It is one of Pixar’s finest works. I assume it was definitely  a bold choice for them to work out thismovie. It took the biggest risks with having nearly no dialogue between itsmain character. And yet it managed to be profoundly moving and thoughtprovoking. Its cinematography and animation are also so gorgeous that it stillholds up today.

2. Up (2009)

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Up is one the very very few movies which actually made me hold back tears. It had a very emotional start and after that till the very end it beautifully narrates a sweet story with a very satisfactory ending. The gradual bonding shown between the old man and the chubby kid is honestly the most heartwarming thing about the movie, and they absolutely nailed it. Being a pixar movie, it comes without saying that the animation is top-notch.

3. Zootopia(2016)

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A tale of unlikely friendships,discrimination, and beating the status quo, Zootopia is a very relevant,important story for all people of all ages.

What makes Zootopia brilliant is not its cinematic value (although that helps a lot), but instead its widespread appeal.A movie with both fun and depth, both children and adults will leave the theater with a new perspective on life.

In life, we sometimes almost go cross-eyed with all of the complex issues surrounding discrimination and racial profiling of people. However, with Zootopia takes on this issue by explaining the problem with different animals of various shapes and sizes, Disney successfully simplifies the issue of racial profiling without running into oversimplification.

For a movie about “talking” animals, to comically spread a message of such depth, is something which leaves me amazed.