So after a long week of avoiding socialmedia, unnecessary TV-spots and pre-release critic opinions, and leaving VIT anhour after the last FAT, I finally watched the highly anticipated Avengers endgamewith my friends in Mumbai. I highly recommend everybody to watch the movie in IMAXif possible because it was entirely shot using IMAX cameras and thus it wouldthe most immersive film experience to the viewer.

Set directly after the events of Infinitywar, Endgame is basically a 3 hour space-earth odyssey wherein the fewremaining avengers try to bring back the ones who were reduced to dust(50% ofthe population), courtesy of Thanos. The jewel obsessed madman who would stop at nothing to complete his gauntlet decoration.

Everything about the movie in terms ofaction was flawless, just how we expected it to be or maybe even better. Thetechnicians again nailed it with the cgi and vfx stuff. I hope this time itsnot snubbed again by the Academy. Another scale in which this movie was awesomewas emotion. There were several moments in its run-time, that had me tearyeyed. Again, exceeded expectations because I never expect a superhero movie tobe heart touching and hilarious at the same time. YES! it was funny as hell.

There wasn’t a moment in every 10 minutesthat the crowd didn’t go berserk cheering and clapping to what had just wentdown.

Every Superhero had their own standoutmoment, every single one. Understand how difficult that is with dozens of themin a limited time frame. But the writers were able to pull that off! Not oncein 182 minutes I thought that the movie slowed down. The legend Tony Stark…Oops I mean Robert Downey Jr. (aren’t they both the same anyway), gave anextraordinary performance, possibly his best ever. Surprisingly Nebula also hada very vital role in the movie, which was played out perfectly. Until now, Ihad never felt emotionally connected so well with Hawkeye; this film definitelylayers his character even more. Looking forward for his upcoming TV-series!

Major props to the screenplay as everyscene felt it was in the right place and well thought out.

Okay, so I can keep on singing praises forthis movie. Avengers Endgame was FUCKING AWESOME. The culmination of 21 moviesreleased over the past 10 years could not have been more satisfying and epic. Ihad no problem whatsoever about anything, No matter how hard I think about it Ijust can’t find a dark spot. The genius of the Russo brothers has done itagain! Every question was answered, so stone was left unturned. I just don’tsee a way in which it would not satisfy the viewers.

I would rate Avengers: Endgame a 9.5/10.