The sun yawned and stretched its rays over the horizon onelast time. The clouds quickly snatched the golden fingers, replacing theirsilver linings with gold. The sky started to become sombre but he displayedbright colours at the horizon, biding the sleepy sun to have sweet dreams. The sunslowly dipped out of view. The sky turned purple then dark blue. Stars twinkledawake. Twinkling, bittering amongst themselves. Some broke away and flew away. Themoon awoke slowly. Taking her own sweet time. The clouds loved the moon. Asmuch as they liked floating around the sun, they loved the moon’s soft silvercaress. They enveloped her almost as soon as she was up. They gushed around her.The moon was kind. She heard them. She peeked through them once in a while. Soonthe wind ushered the clouds away. The moon smiled down at the meadow. The lake reflectedher beauty. The little fireflies flittered around the flowers, trying to copythe stars. She shone a bit brighter. The wise owl perched on the branch of thewillow tree hooted softly at her. Greeting her. The snake slithering quietly onthe floor hissed softly. The moon loved the meadow. The glass waved softly in thebreeze. They looked silver in the moonlight. Night time was always peaceful,but like all good things that too always comes to an end.