I know you're upset. You just scrolled through your feed online and saw ten people you know have more fun than you are doing now. People are having such happening lives, right? But I want you to realize that they show you, what they wish to show you. Everything on the internet should not be believed. You have a perfect life.

I know, you’re hair isn’t straight and you don’t have the pretty shoes like her. Or maybe you don’t have the cool watch like the boy-next-door or the PlayStation. But you should know that does not make you look pathetic or uncool. You’re nice. Your possessions don’t define who you are. Your deeds, your words, and your actions do.

I once read and I quote, “people are mean to us, but no voice is as mean to us as our own voice is to ourselves.” People might be cruel to you, mean to you, might loathe you. But none of them should affect you, because your love for yourself should more than anyone else's. Believe in yourself.

You might’ve had a terrible fight with your best friend or might have gone through a really bad heartbreak, and I know it hurts. But I want you to know, that people who want to stay will stay. You don’t need to go behind them, you don’t need to hate them for what they did. Be good to everyone. You need to give time to hatred. What’s meant to stay, will stay.

I want you to know that you are strong. Very strong. And you'll make it through the toughest day. Trust me.

You will have a lot of people telling you what you are, and judging you. I know that feels bad. But here’s the thing about people: they’ll always say. And that doesn’t need to defeat you. It can strengthen you instead. It's okay to not talk to someone who makes you feel bad. You’re not sired to them. You should know your worth.

You shouldn’t care much about what people, who don’t know you, say about you. Care about people who treat you like a human, who stand up for you, who value you being yourself.

And for all the times when you feel lonely because someone pointed you out, just remember: vulnerability takes strength. There is no harm in standing for your choices. They are your identity.

Take a deep breath kid, you have a long long long way to go. Kiddos.

With love,

Someone who understood late.