Dear Grandpa,

Please, for one day, come back.

I want to listen to all the fairytales and stories of big, fat ugly demons that were slaughtered by good, noble kings. Let’s watch Panchatantra again on Sunday, and have good paranthas made by mom.

You, brother and I can go out again to buy grocery from the nearby market, and on our way back you will buy us toffees again. And at night, you can tell us all the mischiefs you did as a boy and we will have a good laugh.

My brother is grown up and does not talk much now. He goes to play and comes back. He leaves the house all alone, and now he says he needs no one to accompany him to the bus stop. Please, if possible, for once come back and accompany him to the bus stop.

We will watch cricket matches again and we will fight again when you mention the cricketers of your time. For one last time, we will rush to you when you come back from your evening walks and grope through your bag to see if you have brought something for us.

We long to stand behind your back and see you wear the Dev Anand cap before going out and how you used to misalign it to one side to complete your look. But trust me when I say this, you looked nothing less than Dev Anand.

I have got a phone now. Please come back. I want to click a picture of you and Grandma side by side in our drawing-room, and post it on Instagram, captioning it “Couple Goals”.

Didi is working now. Please tell her that she has to be strong and she should take care of herself, she cannot fall sick every time.

Dad has become a lot more suppressed than he was. He has a lot of pressure on him, and I often catch him seeing your picture seconds more than he does to other pictures. Please come back once and talk to him about everything. He needs your advice.

Just one day, and we will do a lot of things. We will have a lot of fun. We will click a family picture. And hang it on the biggest wall in our living room.

Just come back for one day.