You see when I walk out of my house everyday, I see a lot of people, and behind every face, I see a story, and I wonder.

I wonder whether the woman sitting in front of me is in love. Does she like to read? Or maybe is she the kind of person who likes to keep flowers in her office.

I wonder whether the barista who made my coffee likes to paint. Did he ever do something he regrets? Does he have a happy family? Or does he like the winter or the summer?

I wonder whether the person I bumped into was married. Or maybe he had kids.

I wonder if the mother I saw in the park the other day, has a happy marriage.

I want to sit still and listen to all their stories from the sad ones of their heartbreaks down to the most mundane ones of how the goofed up and walked into the wrong room.

I want to listen to all these untold stories of heartbreak and love and friendship and memories.

I want to explore this library where each person is a book and devour story after story till my hearts content.

But until then I’ll just wonder.