1565795314.jpegGod works in mysterious ways and so does the Universe.

To put our trust in him and in the universe is the most courageous thing that we can do.

Maybe, it was a busy day when it was bringing you in existence, and it wrote a little more pain in the beginning and the blessings found a place in the latter part but you must trust the universe because it never makes a mistake. If there is unbearable stress now, there will be unimaginable happiness later.

Things will fall in place one after another and you will be left wondering why you had let doubts house inside you for so long.

Dark as it may seem now, dawn is on its’ way and nothing will stop it.

The only thing that matters is to make it through the bad ones to finally be able to enjoy the pristine ones.

Keep on fighting until the last drop of your blood catches the darkest shade of red and your lungs completely collapse. Stand in this cosmic war as long as you can; for you literally have ions inside you and a tiny heart fueling your entire body to survive everyday. You are a warrior carrying the lungs given to you by the universe itself and you must never give up, even if the world abandons you because you are not a citizen to this world alone; you belong to the cosmos. He, who created all this magic, must have something in mind to bring you into existence; please fight to keep yourself up, if not for your own sake, then for his.

You will be tossed from one place to another, from one person to another, but you must understand that everything happening to you is for a reason.

There will be instances where you will feel it yourself, how some of the things that happened to you shaped you in ways unknown, ways that you won't even notice now.

The bottom line that I want to harp on is that, life is anything but smooth but it will not stay rough forever.

Like someone once said,” What doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger”.

I live by it and I suggest you to do the same.

All we have to do is stay strong enough to live up to those days.

The schemes of the universe are not easy to decipher and we should not kill ourselves on figuring that out either.