I tell him the difference between loving someone and being in love with someone.
He looks perplexed.
'They both sound the same.'
'Not to me,' I say. 'Does 'I love you' and 'I am in love with you' mean the same to you?'
He scrunches in thought and looks at the bus passing by. 'I guess.'
I look into his sea green eyes that seem to be the source of all the peace here.
He's still looking at the bus.
I look at the cup of tea he's holding in his hand. He's drumming his fingers around the cup absentmindedly. The cup has the last of tea left behind, he says it's not healthy and that's why he leaves it. I see the really small black tea leaves floating on the surface of the cold tea.
He breathes loudly this time, as if coming back to reality after being lost in a world of thought, and looks at me. 'Well, what's the difference?'
He seems curious.

I look into his eyes.
'If you love someone, you admire them for who they are, you care about them and you respect them. You like some specific things about them and you love hanging out with them.'
I look away from the intense gravity of the sea in his eyes, like I always do.
'When you're in love with someone you understand their flaws and love them for that. You understand their weaknesses and support them through everything. You know that whatever they do, you can never ever leave them by themselves, and you know that you would do anything for them. Even if they hurt you, you know it's gonna be okay because,' I look back at him, 'you are gonna work things out since you are ready to make endless sacrifices for them.'
He stares at me blankly.
A few seconds pass by and I see another bus passing by from the corner of my eye. I hear a child crying a few feet away. I don't look away.

Something changes in his eyes.
I smile a really small smile.
He looks at the damn bus again. 'What if you feel both ways for someone?' Now he loses hold of the cup he was holding and drums soundlessly on the table.
I look at the t-shirt he's wearing, blue sleeves but the rest, white. Captain America.
I never really understood the trend.
'It's obvious, isn't it? If you are in love with them, you're obviously gonna love them too. You can't do the latter without the former.'
He looks back at me. 'Okay.'
He seems to think for a minute. I can hear the gears and machines in his head running. I look at the tiny mole on his neck that seems to stand out, and I find it hard to look elsewhere.
'Do you wanna take a walk in the garden?'
I look up at him, eyes that wait for an answer.
'That sounds nice.'
He smiles, and something shifts in my heart.