Hey,how are you?

I know we promised to keep in touch but I guess you were right when you had looked at me and said promises are meant to be broken and I had laughed at it because boyfriend's come and go but friends stay..... forever.


But I understand, we grew up and so did those fairy tales we held close to us. From long ass paras for birthdays to just simple messages to not wishing at all, we grew up.Remember the fights we used to have, we were ruthless weren't we? But, let's forget about that, let's remember the good times.

All those stolen tiffens and eating during classes while teachers taught. All those secret conversations that we had on chits.

Who was that one teacher we hated? Remember how she would keep putting us at the extreme ends of the class but we would still end up together.

And how can I forget the exams, if we honestly put in as much effort into studying as much as we did in elaborately forming the cheating techniques we would have topped.

Those were the days weren't they?

To think we used to crave getting older.

We were so stupid. To think growing up looked so amazing, so alluring.

Honestly, there is nothing I would want but to spend a little more time in that school courtyard.

I don't know why we fell apart or what happened but I miss you. I miss you getting an extra tiffen for that red pasta aunty used to make. I miss the water fights and all those sessions of antakshari. I miss the fights and the patch ups. There was something so comforting about knowing that even though we are fighting, we're still there for each other.

It's okay though, because we aren't the same people anymore. We have grown up and now we meet each other only in memories, because you see I miss you just enough to not forget you, but not enough to reach out again.

Some chapters in our life don't have an ending, they end up lost. And some old photo or post makes us remember them. They are like old roses which are found between moth eaten pages of old school diaries. To be seen and smiled at for sometime. And then you keep it back in the worry of not wanting to damage it's petals anymore.

If we ever cross paths maybe we'll sit and reminisce the old days where things hadn't changed, or maybe we won't recognize each other because we aren't the same as before, are we now?


An old friend